All About Me In Numbers

An 'All About Me' activity is a super fun way to start the school year. They:
  • help students get to know one another
  • help build classroom community
  • help build self awareness which leads to self esteem
  • provide for a familiar topic to explore in the early days at school, when everything can be somewhat overwhelming for our little ones
  • create endless opportunities for rich, meaningful conversation and class dialogue
  • provide for an opportunity for students to try out newly introduced procedures in your class - where to sit, how to work, what equipment to use, listening to instructions

This newly listed resource will help you combine a math lesson (numbers 1 to 10 in our world) with creativity!

The packet will provide you with a poster template for students to complete with facts about themselves with a number twist.

Students will think of a fun fact that relates to them for each number 1 to 10 and record it on their poster. Encourage them to think about their family, hobbies, me-facts, favorite things etc.
Students can color and decorate their poster for display.

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