Saturday, 29 June 2013

Classroom Theme

Have you a room theme in your classroom? Last year I created a 'Bus Bee and Butterfly Classroom Labels' pack that will help you create a fun, cohesive but INEXPENSIVE room theme. These pieces are all fully editable - you get the MS Word file (changes sizes and add text) and they only require blackline printing. Just add colour paper to make a statement. I printed some out in three main colours, but you could print each part in a different colour to incorporate a rainbow theme as well. 

Each section (Bee, Bug or Butterfly) contains a huge range of sizes and styles to choose from! You could use all three main styles, or just choose one!

Find it at TpT here! It is on sale for this weekend.

Find more room theme ideas at Cyndie's linky party by clicking below!



Cyndie at Chalk One Up for the Teacher said...

Seriously adorable as usual! Thank you so much for linking up with my Room Theme Mania!
Wish I knew you when I had my bee classroom! Sending this link to a friend of mine who has a buggy/garden theme going on.

MissSmartiePants said...

Hello Mel! From a fellow Aussie Blogger! This pack looks amazing!! Looking forward to having a look around the rest of your blog!!

Kylie :)