Editable File - Make Your Own Santa Snow Game

I have just created this Santa in the Snow game board to share. I have made it in Microsoft Word, so that you can edit the snowflakes and make your game suitable for a range of learners and curriculum areas. It could be a word game, number game, vocab game..... anything really!

Just download, and then click on the text shapes that say WORD OR NUMBER. Once you click on these, you can enter your own information and also change the font. 

The picture below shows the game board as you will download it: 

This one shows one that I modified to make it suitable for my daughter to play - she is learning to add numbers up to 12. I will ask her to roll 2 dice, add up the total number of dice and put a counter on the number if it appears on the gameboard.

For a small group, make a few different game boards, a set of "caller cards", find some counters/chips and then you will be all set.

If you have any trouble with the download - let me know, this is the first time I have tried a MS WORD upload.

This is for your own classroom or home use only and you do not have permission to distribute it. Of course, if you would like to blog about it, or share a link so that your friends can download it from here, I would LOVE it. Thank you!