Five Fab Friday Freebies #6

Frog Spot Five Freebies

I love Fridays! Mostly. Today was... well... one of 'those' Fridays... I am sure you have had one. For many reasons, and every single one of them reminded me of the need to have patience and understanding, and to have faith that people will eventually work things out for themselves.

I am planning a relaxed weekend... heck, who am I kidding, I am planning a very busy weekend, but hopefully including a few relaxing sessions of teacher-blog reading, hot cups of tea, fun filled play sessions with my two beautiful children and maybe a little creating.

What do you have planned? Maybe, just perhaps, you may have time to add these little gems to your bank of wonderful teaching resources! Check them out!

1. The always lovely Cindy at KinderKay has made a free
resource just for you! A fun Halloween game to practice beginning math concepts, with two levels included. Thanks Cindy, I love your resources as much as your caring, happy, kind personality!
2. Tracy Tegeler has made a free
for you to download. They would make great page toppers. Just pair them with a writing prompt!
3. I was most intrigued to read that pinetreelia had a free resource that included a free songtivity and chantivity! I'm super glad I headed over to take a peek, as this file is super cute! It's called
As students sing, have them subtract or add bats to their Spooky Bat Cave according to the song. You can use counters or little dollar store bats for fun. Students write the equation to match each part of the song!
4. mrstucker has for you, as very delicious looking game for learning contractions called,
Students "dunk" chocolate chip cookies into a glass of milk. Each cookie has a contraction that children must match with a glass of milk that contains the two words that form the contraction.
You won't be able to resist, and your students will find this game very motivating I'm sure!
5. Michelle Hudgeons provided me with a great Goldilocks craftivity for my class today! I just used the craft out of this super cute file called
as it suited another writing activity I had planned, but I have saved this whole file ready for when I am doing The Three Bears again with my class. This file includes a student response sheet and the Goldilocks craftivity.
Have a great weekend!

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