Monday, 29 October 2012

Printable Bat Mask

My daughter and I had a little 'bat' activity filled afternoon. She asks me all day if we can do 'school work' - can February come any sooner!? She as been very interested in learning about the THOUSANDS of fruit bats that fly over our house every evening. I have promised her that we will research it and find out where they are all flying to each evening.
We made this printable bat mask. Just print, colour, cut and stick to a paddle pop stick. You can download it free from google docs, by clicking on the image below.
We read these books from our home library.
Then completed some activities from Deanna Jump's latest unit on bats
We played this cute '-at word' game -  spin a beginning sound and add it to the 'at' word family to make a word. My daughter LOVED the nonsense words. You can find these activities in Deanna's unit on TpT HERE
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