More Spiders, A Freebie and a Giveaway

I made this simple spider drawing activity for my daughter today.
You can get it HERE at google docs
Simply print it...
And trace 4 fingers on each side:
Then colour!
It got me thinking about my journey of using spiders as a theme...
One of my maternity leave projects has been to sort through and re-organise all my learning resources.
Here is one that I must have kept purely for sentimental reasons... I made it when I was 15! I won't tell you what year that was! I was a Junior Leader for the Gumnut Guides (5 year old Girl Guides/Girl Scouts). Each week I would write a program for the hour long meeting, that included a story, activity, game and sharing time. I also found my little program book, it is amazing to look back and see how many of the skills I learnt through my years as a Girl Guide have actually helped me in teaching.
I had made this one, by hand drawing spider webs on round pieces of paper, and then pasting hand draw spiders onto the back. It was a colour matching/memory game.
I did not have cardboard available at the time, so the double layer of paper made it harder for the girls to cheat by seeing the colour through the paper.
And another blast from the past, one of our first From the Pond games. I had hand drawn the spider, scanned and used MS PAINT to add a little colour circle to each spider. I made the spider as basic as possible, as once I had scanned the drawing, there was no way I could edit or clean up the lines, I just didn't have the skills.
Then we paid a graphic designer, Luke Flannagan, to design for us, some cool looking spider clipart. At this time, there were no websites where you could purchase clipart to use commercially for digital downloads. I took out an ad on to ask if there was a designer that could draw some child-friendly art for me. It took months to find someone! And then trying to explain what I wanted and what I was going to do with them! I paid Luke about $50 for 5 or 6 images. I thought this was outstanding value and had no hesitation paying him for his hard work, after all, I had exclusive use of the graphics. But it does help me to remember how far the world of digital teaching resource design has come, when you can now purchase whole sets for as little as $1 and download so many wonderful free images to make your own resources. We are still using some of Luke's wonderful designs and our standard cover page layout was designed by him also.
A very sweet Australian blogger, Tania Poultney, is having a giveaway to celebrate 100 followers on her blog! Please head over and show her some love! I must have missed the opportunity to donate something to her giveaway, with a house of sick children the last few weeks. I am sure she will be having another one soon to celebrate 500 followers, so I will join that giveaway!