Drawing Book Cover for February

Lovely Drawing Book Cover

February is the perfect month to get creative and draw, paint and make lovely things! If your children are enjoying drawing this month you may like to make them a special scrapbook to collect their pages. They can flip back through for years to come and treasure their growing creativity. 

I would love to share with you a page that can become a cover for their book - or inspiration for them to create their own! 

Find it in Google Drive: My Big Book of Lovely Drawings Cover

And if you are looking for something sweet to create for Valentine's Day, I have some steps your children can follow to draw a Bee Mine bee

They can:
  • add it to their drawing book
  • make it the cover of a card to give someone
  • draw it on thick paper and create a tag for a special gift
  • cut it and add it to a class display on a bulletin board or door

Valentine Art Project

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