Valentine's Day Directed Drawing and Art Project

Friends, I wanted to repost our bee directed drawing art project for you! We've shared it a number of times over the years and have some drawing and writing prompts waiting for you FREE over in our TpT store. You can also just follow the steps here in this post!

After drawing we used the following materials to turn it into an art project!
  • watercolors
  • oil pastel
  • black marker 

How to draw a Valentine's Day 'Bee Mine' cutie

  • Start with a nice big piece of paper. 
  • Draw a heart.
Valentines Day Art

  • Draw a circle or oval around the heart for the bee's body.
Art Project for Kids

  • Draw heart shaped wings. 
Free Art Project for Kids
  • Eyes on top - and eyeballs! 
Cute Bee Art Project for Kids
  • Add a smile, antennae and a stinger. 
Valentines Art Project for Kids

  • Add some stripes to the bee's body and extra hearts within the wings. 

  • More hearts - or your own pattern for the background! 

  • And voila, a cute bee for Valentine's Day. Now you can paint, crayon or color and finish off by retracing in black marker.
  • We added oil pastel after the paint dried for extra pop! 

Hop over to our TpT store to find the directed drawing instructions in printable formats including writing papers! 

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