Most Loved Pet Graphing Activity

Are you looking for a way to incorporate a touch of love into the classroom for Valentine's Day? Or needing to introduce students to simple graphs? Let's combine both with an engaging mathtivity!

Students will have opportunities for creativity with the cute pet toppers to help display their awesome graphs! You could even ask students to design their own pet topper using paper scraps and scissors.

We've provided easy-cut  templates pieces for a cat, dog, bird or fish.

Giant class graph

Conduct a collaborative class survey of the most-loved pet and model all graphing skills with our class-sized graph. Just print and glue the 4 pages together to make this super sized chart. 

student graphing

Students can complete their own independent graph using the worksheet provided - copying the class made graph or going back to the survey results to complete independently (hide the chart temporarily while students complete this).

Analyzing graph data

Students can also complete a data-analysis worksheet after they graph to show what information they can retrieve from the chart.

Included in this easy-prep printable pack is:
  • 4 color and cut craft toppers (cat, dog, bird, fish)
  • graphing page
  • graph analysis worksheet
  • survey token cards to complete a class survey
  • pages to make a giant class graph (cut and glue 4 sheets together to make a graph large enough for class to complete together)
  • giant classroom letters that spell 'WE LOVE PETS' to display with crafts
We can't wait to see some of your classroom displays and hope you little ones loves this lesson. Please tag up on social media so we can see your precious pics.