Jellyfish Memory Game

ocean art project for kids

If you're planning to do the jellyfish art project I shared with you yesterday - here is a language game you can play with your class or small group too. Showcase one of the children's paintings and build auditory memory at the same time. 

It will help your students develop visualization with keywords - use it after they have drawn and painted their jellyfish.

Jellyfish Memory

Show one of the paintings. Let the children look at it as you talk. In this example I will use the pink jellyfish in the photo above.

Ask the students to make a picture in their mind of the jellyfish as you tell them a story.

Read this story (or make up a similar): I saw this jellyfish in the ocean. It was big and round. It was pink with rainbow spots on top of its head. It had long thin tentacles at the bottom of its body. There were lots of orange fish swimming around.

Discuss with your students the important key words from your story: ocean, big and round, pink, rainbow spots, tentacles, at the bottom, orange fish, around. You may also like to write them (and then conceal).

Ask some questions: Is the jellyfish little? Are the rainbow spots are at the bottom of the jellyfish? Did I see the jellyfish in the river? Is the jellyfish is on its own?

Now ask students to turn and talk to a friend - have them describe the jellyfish from the story or retell the story!

I hope this fun activity helps you get even more learning value from your art lesson! Another bonus is that you are building classroom community and celebrating the art of one of your students and also laying a good foundation for formal art appreciation discussions too! All that goodness in one little activity!

Please note, that you can adapt the game structure to any theme or topic you are currently teaching with other pictures. 

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