Jellyfish Art Project

jellyfish art project

I would love to share the steps with you to help your learners draw a whimsical jellyfish! They can do their drawing from my model or innovate and make some changes to make it their own! 

  • some big art paper
  • a black sharpie
  • watercolors
  • crayons
Let's draw:
step by step jellyfish

jellyfish drawing

directed drawing in kinderagrten

drawing for writing

using drawing to teach writing


drawing project

drawing jellyfish in the ocean

under the ocean drawing

After drawing, you can
  • encourage your students to draw more
  • display them on the wall
  • ask students to write about their jellyfish
  • layer paint and crayon 
  • crinkle the paper before painting for a watery effect
summer drawing activities

pink jellyfish art project

green jellyfish art

purple jellyfish art

yellow jellyfish

I have printable pages that have the steps and space for writing in my freshly revised Alphabet Directed Drawing pack! 

jellyfish drawing pages

There are 4 project options for 52 different pictures! Here is the jellyfish in our original directed draw style! 

jellyfish drawing steps

If you love using drawing in your classroom as an art activity or to integrate with other learning areas, you can find more of our projects over on the resource page!