Length Craft

long short craft
Providing opportunities for your students to describe objects can help them develop mathematical language and an understanding of the attribute of length. 

As well as incorporating discussion into incidental activities and structured play with toys like blocks, you can make it fun with a math craft! 

Today in the Premium Coloring Club we have some simple caterpillars to cut, paste and color!
length craft

Once colored your students can assemble the long caterpillar by gluing the single tab. 
length activity

craft activity for length in math

Use them for some exploration and discussion about length!

  • compare the 2 caterpillars and ask what the students notice
  • record your students math language on little cards and display with their crafts after using them to explore - e.g. the caterpillar is shorter than the book
  • have students measure some classroom equipment and sort into 2 groups - short and long
  • challenge students to use one of their caterpillars and to find items that are shorter/longer than it - they could draw pictures in their math journal
kindergarten math craft

length math craft
The craft can also be used to help develop fine motor skills - a zig zag fold for example, to make a bendy caterpillar. 
caterpillar length craft
Create a pattern caterpillar with multiple colors and ask students to describe their pattern. 
pattern math craft
The caterpillars can also be used as a number track craft for oodles of counting, addition and subtraction fun! 
kindergarten math craft
I hope you love this new addition to the craft library and look forward to hearing about all the ways you used them in your classroom!

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