Consonant Digraphs

 I recently revised our Happy H consonant digraphs pack which gives you some engaging resources to introduce how letters combine with h to make new sounds! 

Use the visuals as posters or puppets to teach your students how Happy H combines with his friends c, s, t and p to make new sounds!
  • make stick puppets with the letters to show how they play and make sounds
  • use the digraph cards to show how a new sound is made when Happy H is with his friend
  • teach one at a time or all at once
  • lesson details provide to guide you
Included is:
  • letter character shapes - make stick puppets or use as posters
  • consonant digraph letter characters - ch, sh, th, wh, ph
  • word cards
  • all-in-one poster for reference
  • 5 review worksheets - students read words and write from the word bank into the letter shapes

If you already had this resource, you can find the updates through your My Purchases link in your TPT account. 

Find all our consonant digraph resources over on our website page!