Draw a Lion Activity Page

Help your little learners draw a cute lion with an activity page from our Pond Coloring Club directed drawing library! Six easy steps are shown but children can add their own additional features and elements if they choose.
lion drawing page

Perhaps ask them to draw in crayon, add some scribble detail and then watercolor over the top for a lovely vibrant picture! 

You can see here how we added an extra layer of the mane, cheeks, the sun and a flower. Encourage your students to add detail or change the steps to their picture to make it unique!

painted lion on an activity page

Extend the drawing experience by incorporating it into your reading or writing program! 

We love The Lion Who Wanted to Love by Giles Andreae and David Wojtowyez. Have you read it? The classes I have read it to have always been captivated from the first page through to the end. It has a good solid story structure which progresses with enough detail to extend into a reading lesson while maintaining a lovely rhyming flow and energy to keep engagement high. 

It tells the story of a lion cub who does not want to hunt but would rather hug instead! He is an outcast and bravely chooses to find his own path. 

There are loads of opportunities to discuss character and social situations in the school context by reflecting on the behavior and choices made by various animals in this text. Ask your students to suggest ways they have similar or different lived experience so that they may connect to the themes raised in the story. 

the lion who wanted to love

A writing lesson you could implement after a shared reading would be to record some aspects about the character Leo. You could do this on your board, chart paper or a scaffold from our Character Webs pack. Draw or write details from the text depending on the age of your students. Show your students how to locate text directly from the page that reveals Leo's character. Discuss how some of the images and inferences we can make may also reveal his character. 

character web in first grade

We're so excited to share this new project page with you. If you are not yet a member, find out how to join, read our information page or contact us for more details. 

free directed drawing page

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