Classroom Clip Chart

Help students manage their day with a clear visual representation of the steps in your behavior plan. Display the cute kids clip chart and let students move a clip as they demonstrate and meet different expectations throughout the day.

  • change the words using the editable version
  • use all the steps or just a few
  • have a clip for each child or one representing the 'whole class'
  • remove the negative steps and just promote positive choices from green to purple

clip chart for behavior

The steps on the chart are:
  • ready to learn
  • think and choose
  • teachers choice
  • parent contact
  • good choices
  • great choices
  • outstanding

behavior management

You can choose to:
  • have a clip with each child's name
  • have one clip representing the whole class 
  • have no clips and ask students to visualize where they are as you describe briefly your expectations for behavior in a situation
One very positive benefit to a visual display of the steps in a behaviour plan is that students can see how quickly they can get back on track and improve.