Cloud Art Project with Handwriting

After I created our new finger play for you - The Rainbow Ducks, I've shared some ideas to extend your lesson sequence and integrate some other learning areas. 

Today I want to share with you an art lesson that will integrate some skills for handwriting / prewriting, reading and science. 

Kindergarten Cloud Art Project

Share and talk

The rainbow ducks fly above the clouds. I wonder what your students already know about clouds and the sky. Ask them and have a little discussion. Record on chart paper what they already know and encourage their curiosity.


Read some books about clouds - we like Not a Cloud in the Sky by Emma Quay which will encourage your students to be imaginative and see shapes in the clouds. Another great text is Clouds by Anne Rockwell which presents wonderful scientific information in a child friendly way.

cloud art project


After reading and talking about clouds, choose a nice day to go into the school yard and have students observe the sky. It would be perfect if they could lie down and cloud gaze - what a peaceful and mindful activity! You will need to discuss expectations for this activity before you go outside - having a little practice inside the classroom (with a pretend sky) before you venture out perhaps. 

Art Ideas

Ask students to make a visual representation of a cloud they observed. This is a wonderful activity for our little learners who are just mastering pencil control as clouds are so interestingly and uniquely shaped.

Idea 1

White crayon scribble clouds on blue paper are fun! Demonstrate some handwriting movements (see further below on this post) and praise your students for working on developing strong movements.

cloud handwriting art

Idea 2

Students may like to draw something they 'saw' in the clouds. An elephant, dragon, a face or a rabbit perhaps!

cloud kindergarten

seeing pictures in clouds

Idea 3

Use paint and a sponge or pom pom for printing/dabbing some white paint on blue paper. This is fun! 

art projects for kids

Idea 4

Paper chipping is a paper craft technique that is great for fine motor. Find more information on paper chipping and other ways to use paper in craft over on a past post here.

paper chipping

Handwriting Scribble Lines

Demonstrate to students each of these movements if you are asking them to draw their cloud. Some students will only be able to scribble, but you can slowly encourage them to try some other hand movements each time you do an art project. 

handwriting art lines

Cloud Classroom Display

Once your students have made their cloud, cut them out and display them in the classroom. Celebrate that they are all different and unique. 


Add a title to your display to encourage reading. We went outside to look at the clouds uses common sight words and is a good example of a simple kindergarten recount. You can find our printable word cards in Google Drive 

Learning about clouds

Literacy Integration

Print a second set of cards to leave near your display.

  • flash and read each day to learn the sight words
  • let students play with them - they will want to put them in order and experiment with sentence structure
  • provide index cards for creative new ideas - e.g. We went outside to look at the mountains. 
word cards
  • leave mini whiteboards near your word cards and display - students may copy and write about the clouds
kindergarten reading and writing
We hope you have a wonderful time with your students providing this integrated art and literacy experience for them!
cloud classroom display