Paper Craft Techniques

We know you love paper craft. We do too! Would you like to make your paper craft even better? 

Teach you little ones these fun paper techniques and they can then apply them to any of their future projects or individual creative pursuits.

We used crafts from our Fall and Autumn 2D Shape Craft packs to demonstrate these paper crafting techniques to you.

Drawing Patterns

The most simple technique you can use is to draw pattern lines with crayon, pencil or maker. Make a straight line pattern, circular scribble, zig-zag or jump pattern. These are the traditional pre-writing line strokes and will turn your craft activity into a writing project for our little learners. 

Paper Tearing

Teach students, explicitly, how to tear paper. Start with little pieces - washi tape makes a great start. Pinch with thumb and first finger and gently pull the paper. Give lots of verbal cues. Use the torn paper to add detail to your craft.

Paper Chipping

Paper chipping is snipping small 'chips' of paper from a long thin strip. Our little ones only have to make one snip with the scissors. The chips are great for covering a large space and will help your sweeties understand space and area.


Extend on the 'snipping' that you taught with chipping, by teaching the skill of 'fringing'. For this students will snip with the tip of the scissors and stop before the edge of the strip of paper. Show your sweeties how to snip repeatedly along a long strip of paper to create a fringe. This is great for grass and fur on animals.


Pleating is a form of paper folding. It is also referred to as the 'concertina fold'. It will give a zig-zag bumpy effect. 

 Paper Rolling

Roll a strip of paper around a pencil. Squeeze. Release. 


Hold a piece of paper by the two ends, twist twice and you get a lovely little bow!


Tufting gives a lovely textured 3D effect - especially if used with multiple tufts close together. Wrap a chip of paper (we use crepe paper) around the end of a pencil, squeeze. Leave on pencil as you push into a blob of glue, release the pencil and the tuft will remain.

2D Shape Craft Projects for Fall

Here are our paper craft projects with the extra paper techniques incorporated. 

Cat with a twisted paper bow on her tail. 

Crow with crayon detail lines.

Fox with rolled paper tail. You can download the fox project for free in our TpT store!

Owl with torn paper sky.

Spider with chipped paper clouds in the sky. 

Squirrel with pleated bushy tail!

Turkey with tufted autumn leaves on the ground.

We hope you love those ideas for bringing even more creativity to your craft projects! And thanks so much for stopping by the blog. 

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