A Letter Home for Kindergarten Homework

Little kindergarten lovelies are always so excited to bring homework home from school for the first time! Our 'letter home' style alphabet homework pages will help them to revise the letter sound they have learnt at school each week with fun activities for the whole family.

This packet includes 26 homework notes to to inform families of your alphabet and letter-sound learning in class.

Included also, is a 'picture page' that can be copied to the back of the letter home. Students can locate, cut and paste pictures from magazines and colouring books to match the focus letter sound for the week.

Each letter includes a note to families that outlines the letter focus for the week and requests that someone spend some time talking with their child about the letter and sound. 

It gives them a list of fun, play based activities to celebrate the letter-sound - e.g. doing a jigsaw puzzle for the letter 'j'

Students might also like to paste them into a scrapbook and record some of the activities they tried by drawing pictures or attaching photos. 

We have prepared a sample for you to try for the letter 'p' - you can download it from Google Drive HERE

If you are looking for the whole set of these pages, hop over to our TpT store:

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