Math Activities for Equal Groups

Multiplication and times tables can be the cause of much frustration for students in the later years of primary school. 

An abundance of learning opportunities in K-2 that involve making, recognizing and counting with equal groups can help build a firm foundation for multiplication and division. 

We've added Math Pack 20 to our collection of math resources perfect for Kindergarten (the first year of formal schooling). 

What are math packs?

  • We put 5 printable math activities together in one easy-to-prep pack to help teach one focus area and call it a Math Pack.
  • The packs are sequenced in a general suggested teaching order.
  • Each activity in the 5-pack is also sequenced into a logical teaching order.

What is included in each activity?

Each of the 5 activities includes:
  • game/activity instructions that includes a specific learning purpose
  • game boards, cards or mats 
  • a worksheet that can be used to record learning or follow-up or revise
  • cover page (slide this into a clear plastic document wallet along with all the materials you need to implement your activity)
The following activities are included in Math Pack 20. They can be used within your current program, to help create a learning sequence (see post HERE) or as a stand-alone activity. 

Big Pig

In this game students will make equal groups of cookies in the pig tummies and describe the groups. 

Fish Catch

Students will identify the equal groups and determine the number of equal groups represented by circling the fish on these fun cards. Tell the students they have to draw a 'net' around the fish as they catch them! This one will help consolidate an understanding between the number OF GROUPS and the number WITHIN A group (this gets tricky for little learners). 

Group Match

Students can use what they have learnt in the last 2 activities to match picture representations with descriptions in this puzzle style matching activity. 

Rows Of

Students will learn how to represent equal groups in rows (arrays) in this activity. Ask your little one to trace his finger along each row to help reinforce the nature of a row. 


Little learners will have so much fun 'acting out' a story with the field game mats in this activity. Use counters to represent the animals and slide them into the fields to show an equal distribution. 

All the activities in Math Pack 20 deal with numbers to 15. If you have been implementing the activity packs in sequence you will know that formal lessons have only covered this number range so far. We suggest extending children above this number range incidentally in day-to-day activities 

Where can I find more math packs?

We have a special category over in our TpT store that features all our currently available editions. 
We absolutely love creating fun and engaging activities that help make learning come alive in your home or classroom. Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can help.

Thank you so much for stopping by our blog to learn more about our printable learning activities.