Adding 3 Numbers to Make 30


Adding 3 numbers
Your students may need to practice their emerging addition strategies. We have the game for you! They will encounter multiple opportunities to put their strategies into action in our Number Detective fast-prep math center! Yes, we said fast-prep because it is literally one piece of paper to print!
Addition to 30

Perfect for math groups, rotations, guided math or centers, your children will delight in covering 3 numerals on their game mat to show combinations that make 30. As they search to discover a combination, they will be accessing all their mental strategies to test if a perfect 30 is totalled. They will become flexible with their strategies as they modify their combinations - e.g. they may try 10 + 10 + 11 and realize they have 1 too many, and look for 10 + 10 + 10 or 10 + 9 + 11. 

Adding Numbers to 30
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Adding Numbers to 30