Santa's Beard Scissor Skills


Santa Scissor Skills
Get your scissors ready - Santa needs a beard trim! Combine Christmas fun with cutting practice with our fun activity pages. Each of the 45 beard-trimming pages give students different line styles to cut with increasing complexity
Christmas Scissor Skills

Perfect for:
  • kindergarten and preschool learners
  • remediation with students who are challenged by cutting
  • fine motor development
  • printing on paper or thin card (card will offer additional support)

Fine Motor Cutting Practice

Students will:
  • cut from the top edge down to the circle
  • use the solid thick line for visual support
  • move from standard, evenly spaced straight lines through wavy lines, zig zag lines to wavy lines of varying length
  • curl each strand around a pencil to make the beards curly
Tip: tape the top corners down to the table with washi tape for extra stability!

Fine Motor Cutting Practice
By curling each strand around a pencil, students will get additional fine motor development and learn a great paper-craft technique to use in their own creative projects.
Scissor Skills Santa Pages

Cutting Santas Beard
When students have finished the cutting activity they can also color, cut and glue the page into a bright backing paper for a fun classroom display of Santa's curly beards.

Cutting Santas Beard