Addition Review Math Center

First Grade Addition

Write-n-Wipe math centers are a great way to review previously learnt content for consolidation and fluency. Last week we shared our concept of a Bee Busy area that features hands-on, high-engagement activities for moments in the classroom day where students need to fill 5 or 10 minutes. 

The math center I want to share with you today is perfect for such an area, but can also be used in
  • your regular math program
  • math rotations
  • math workshop
  • small group rotation
Penguins Fishing will help review addition with numbers and totals up to 30.

  • take a penguin card and 
  • look at the number on the penguin
  • add this number to each fish along the row
  • write totals to the 5 addition problems on each card

They should be encouraged to use an addition strategy of their choice and you may like to provide resources to assist (e.g. counters, button, number lines or fun fish tokens).

Use with write and wipe cards or as TASK CARDS and simply have students write their answers on their recording page.

Addition Facts

We have had feedback to say that teachers have found
  • that their students are asking for these and want to use them all the time.
  • they are the perfect early finisher activity
  • they have been engaging, hands-on and fun
  • they love the bright engaging graphics
  • they are a fun way to review key facts
  • they are right on target
  • they are adorable - and practical!
We can't wait for your learners to try them too - hop over to TpT to find them.

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