Paper Plate Angel Craft

We have been getting our house ready for Christmas with lots of pretty lights. We're not quite ready to put up the tree but no doubt by December 1st our children will be busting to decide 'who gets to put the angel up'. It is a task that is receptively shared each year - to put the final piece in its treetop position - and if I recall correctly we may have snapped a photo of the moment last year to avoid any blurred memories and 'it's myyyyyyyy turn' squabbles this year.

Stay tuned.

We did however, this weekend, partake in some Christmas craft and made a pretty paper plate angel. We also un-boxed all our Christmas themed story books and returned them to the home library shelf. I find packing these away each year, reserving them for Nov-Dec only, makes them extra special.

We re-read The Christmas Angel  (Amazon Affiliate Link) - one of my daughter's first Christmas picture books and one that is lovely for school if you are in the position to teach the Christian holiday. 

Comprehension Questions while/after Reading

After and during the reading of this story, ask your little learners some questions to encourage a deeper comprehension of the text.
  • p.3 - The angels were excited - recall a time when you felt excited. 
  • p.5 - The little angel wanted to make the baby a present. What might he give? Make a prediction. 
  • p.7 - The little angel was warned not to go too close to the edge of the clouds. Why?
  • p.7 - What does the word 'journey' mean?
  • p.14 - The angel fell into the branch of an old tree. What caused this? 
  • p.16 - Who do you think these 3 men are? Why?
  • p.20 - Identify the simile on this page. What would be another simile to describe being tumbled about.
  • p.25 - What is a 'staff'? What is a 'manger'?
If you would like to make an angel like ours, here's how we did it:

How to Make a Paper Plate Angel

You will need:
  • small paper plate
  • yellow paint or crayon
  • 2 small paper doilies, each folded in half
  • small circle of card stock for the face
  • wool / yarn for the hair
  • a few sequins
  • craft glue / PVA glue
  • stapler (optional)

To make:
  1. Color or paint the paper plate yellow
  2. Fold the paper plate sides in at a slight angle - so they just overlap and form the angel's gown. Secure with a dab of glue (or staple)
  3. Glue the folded wings behind the gown.
  4. Glue the face onto the top of the dress.
  5. Create the hair by looping a medium length of yarn around 3 fingers and then tying in the middle with a short piece. 
  6. Glue the hair to the top of the face.
  7. Decorate with a sweet face and sequins on the gown.

Thanks so much for stopping by, we do hope to bring you some fun new crafts and activities in the coming weeks!