Story Map - Gingerbread Man

We have read a few different versions of The Gingerbread Man (Amazon Affiliate Link) this week. This version with lively illustrations by Karen Schmidt, has been our favorite, 

The appeal of The Gingerbread Man Story

Little learners always treasure this story. I think its endearing appeal lies in the combination of thoughts of the sweet treat itself, the adorable visual appeal of a gingerbread man shape, his cheeky character and the engaging catchy repetition of "Run, run, as fast as you can..." within the text.

The story tells of the gingerbread man escaping the oven and cottage, and encountering a few problems along his way. The repetition within the text allows for joyful and enthusiastic joint collaborative reading (get ready for the chanting)!

After reading The Gingerbread Man

This story is just perfect for 'retelling'. It has a familiar and memorable structure and students are always eager to recall what has happened in the story. 

I've always found it perfect for 'mapping out' with readers as an introduction to a more formal look at text structure. Discuss, note down on chart paper and illustrate the elements of the story as well as the stages that give its structure - beginning/middle/end (or for older students, introduction, complication, resolution, conclusion). 

Story Map and Worksheet for The Gingerbread Man

I've made a story map poster visual that you could use after any read-aloud to ignite a discussion about the structure of the story you have read.

It includes a look at who, when, where and what with the story elements and structure. 

Have your students draw or jot down some ideas about the beginning, middle and end of The Gingerbread Man using this printable worksheet. It would look wonderful colored and on display on a bulletin board as well.

Find these free printables in Google Drive - The Gingerbread Man Story Map and Worksheet

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