There is a whole lot of talk about 'best' in the world right now and if you are a teacher I can appreciate that you are probably somewhat interested in giving your best, getting the best from your students and appreciating the best in others. 

It's kind of what we do. 

It reminds me of a discussion I had with my kiddos the other day. I challenged them to have 'perfect' manners while we had a visitor in the classroom. For their effort, they would get a super buck. 

The word 'perfect' seemed to challenge a few of them and make them do this:

So, we had a talk about 'perfect' and that 'perfect' can be perfectly imperfect and that is the perfect thing about it.

I think a few went home early with a headache. 

I kid. They TOTALLY understood. And their manners were really perfect. 

And so it goes with 'best'. My best is just that, mine and I love that yours and my kiddos will be totally different to mine. 

TpT is one of the BEST places for me! I could spend 2 hours writing a big soppy post about my journey with TpT and how it has changed my life.... but to be honest, I really need some sleep and will save it for another day. 

The team at TpT is currently wishing everyone their best teaching year ever and celebrating with a site wide sale. Just enter the code: BestYear when you checkout to secure a bonus 10% discount on your licenses. 

I have joined the fun with 20% off both  my stores!

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Speaking of 'best' - the best thing I ever did in my K-2 classroom was cater for 'fast finishers' in an engaging and skills-focussed way. 

My 'Bee Busy Drawer' system gives you all the benefits of a structured approach but is open enough to include your own ideas, changes and differentiation. 

The original packet has 16 printable activities to get you set up and moving with this classroom staple!

Just one of them is the cvc write and wipe cards:

Even if you don't set up the drawers, the 16 printable packets are fantastic for centers and rotations. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, I wish you the very BEST of days!

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