Early Number - Bears on the Bus

Bears on the Bus is just one of many number games that will get your students excited about learning! We played this one today and it will encourage your earliest-mathematicians to understand the 'numberness' of numerals (as I like to say). 

My little Sam knows how to count to ten, but to him they are just words, spoken in a long string and he is not super-confident with counting out a set of objects to match a numeral. 

Number Bus encourages students to recognise numbers 1-3 in a few different ways and to model their understanding of the value of the numbers by making sets of teddy counters on the buses. There is an optional recording page so the cards can be used as task card activities. 


I have listed this packet as an individual file in my TpT collection, 


however it has been part of an activity pack for some time now. 

My sweet Sam also loves 'sticking' at the moment and anything he can do with scissors and glue. I made this little worksheet activity for him today, requiring him to match the correct number of cereal bowls to each bear. 

You can find it HERE for free in my Google Drive!

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