New Edge It Mini Bundle

Hi friends - hope your week is going as gloriously as mine.

Hello Autumn. I love you. 

Goodbye half-way-point-in-the-first-term-of-my-most-favorite-year-of-teaching-ever! I made it! 
I love you too.

I also love making doodle-ey, decorative pretty-upy frames for worksheet pages.

Blame my teachers back-in-the-day who let me sit and doodle all down the sides of my notebook pages. Good practice I guess  (yeah, yeah, 'practise' for those of you in Australia, I am a funny hybrid of spellings nowadays).  

I have listed a new 'Edge It Mini Bundle' in my clipart store! Mini Bundle 4. 

This bundle includes my decorative 'Edge It' sets #26, #27, #28, #29 and #30 

Each is a versatile set of 10 individual files to use in your classroom and teacher resource files that you sell and distribute. 

The mini pack includes a total of 50 frames!

These border frames will work perfectly for worksheets and covers. They sit close to the edge of the page and have a simple yet decorative design. They are all 'unfilled' frames, as I have made them specifically for worksheets.  

Here is a closer look at the designs. You may notice consistent and familiar themes and elements in my work - I draw from the heart and let my creative mind make decisions for me. 

All the sets are available individually for a $3 license fee. You can snag the bundle license today (all 50 frames) for just $5!

Thank you so much for stopping by - I hope you have a busy and creative day. Why not share some love and happiness today while you still have the opportunity. 

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