Terms of Use - Graphics From the Pond

When using graphics, think about the license you own, not the images. The images are always owned by me.

You have paid to use them in a particular way.

Please note that a 'teaching resource' is considered to be a document that will support a school teacher in the curriculum learning of their students. It contains a significant amount of your intellectual property. Our images alone cannot do that, so it would make logical sense that our images should not be the majority of your document. If your document is mostly just our images on pages and very limited content of your own, it is most likely not a teaching resource document and you are simply redistributing our art - which is not permitted under our terms.

If you have concerns. do not hesitate to contact us.

Terms of Use

  • The images have been designed for use in secured PRINTABLE TEACHING DOCUMENTS. They are designed and formatted for print resolution (hint - if you are making digital projects, look for artists who make screen-resolution images). My soul purpose when starting to make clipart was to provide PRINT friendly images as there was an extremely minimal supply of these. At the time, most images were for websites and digi-scrapbooking (screen resolution).
  • To use them you must have a license. 
  • The 'license' is essentially your receipt of purchase from the TpT website and my store: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Graphics-From-The-Pond
  • The images can be used in your teaching resource printable documents. No other use is allowed in this standard license. 
  • If you are not a teacher or teaching-resource designer, and would like to use the graphics, please contact me for licensing options.
  • The image files (clipart) are NOT to be used or redistributed anywhere ‘as is’.
  • You are not able to display, sell, share or give them away as image files as I have done.
  • You cannot use the images in any product that is for re-sale by your purchaser. 
  • You cannot make clipart or new image files with my image files, for any reason. 
  • The images are to be used to complement your teaching document
  • You cannot make files, or products that are simply pages of our images and nothing else – you need to add reasonable content to make it a ‘teaching resource’. One word or one letter is not reasonable content at all. 
  • NO ‘colouring pages’. 
  • If you are distributing or selling your document, YOU MUST acknowledge somewhere in your teaching document (a credit page at the beginning or end of you file is the easiest option) that you own a license to use them e.g. Images in the file are licensed from Graphics From the Pond http://frompond.blogspot.com
  • You cannot use the images in any file where they can be easily removed. You must ensure that they cannot be easily copied, extracted, downloaded or shared. 
  • You are not permitted to use my images on any web page – blog, website, weebly, social media etc 
  • You do not have permission to use our graphics as a logo, part of a logo or on blog/pinterest/social media advertising buttons or “memes”.
  • Purchasing the item does not transfer the copyright to you. It means you cannot claim the design as your own design. All images are always my intellectual property – you are purchasing a license to use them in your document.
  • This license is non-transferable. This means you cannot transfer/ give the license to anyone else, nor can you change the item that it applies to.
  • It is acceptable to create an ‘image file’ where my images appear if it is being used as a thumbnail to present the ‘cover’ of your document. It must be a genuine attempt to capture the true cover of the actual document cover – not an advertising meme in disguise.
Please take careful note of the clause: You cannot make clipart or new image files with my image files, for any reason as this seems to be often overlooked.

At any point within your project creation you export-to or save-as  png, gif, jpeg (or other image file) you are in violation of these terms. Your product flow should be product>majority your content/words>our images>secure as pdf>your user.

These terms are current as at March 2020

Change to Standard Terms covering Edge It Sets - as of March 30 2020

  • All the above terms remain except the clause relating to the production of image files.
  • For Edge It Sets only, you are able to create an image file in your project flow to incorporate the Edge It border image into a background element of digital teaching resources e.g. Powerpoint, Google Slides, Boom Card, Seesaw activity template. 
  • This inclusion thereby allows our Edge It Set images to appear in a digital learning activity you create. 
  • Where possible this background piece needs to be secure or locked down.


  • some variations to these terms exist, but they exist in such small quantity we have not included the specifics here as they can cause confusion to some users
  • Easy Terms apply to sets made after 15th June 2017 - these terms are included in the download but feel free to contact us if you need clarification. Very few sets made after this date. 
  • to find the creation date of an image, right click and look at the file info or email us for clarification. As expressed, I made very few sets after this date. The majority of clipart was made prior to this date
  • members of the Graphics From the Pond Premium Club (2011-2012) can use images received as part of that club with 'Easy Terms' applied (contact us if you are unsure about any aspect of this)
  • around 30 people hold an 'extended license' that adjust the terms of all sets prior to 15th June 2017, with exception of 'kid clipart'
  • all 'kid clipart' will always only be covered by Standard Terms outlined on this page, we have never and will never offer any other license 
  • Kid Clipart includes: Pond Kids, Scrappy Kids, Stick Kids, Crazy Kids
  • several custom licenses exist that extend over custom work made specifically for particular and specific work

TPT Digital Overlay

  • Provided your resource meets all other aspects of the terms of use - we grant you permission for your resource to be used with the TPT Digital Tool overlay feature without any need for further licensing upgrade. 
  • This is a very significant and gracious extension by us and we do with with love for TPT and genuine teacher authors. Thank you.