Find Ten in Addition

I'd love to share with you today a fun worksheet that I created to help our little mathematicians get into the habit of 'finding a ten' when they attempt to solve an addition. You might call this 'bridging to ten' in your math program.

Tell your students to look for the 2 numbers on each caterpillar that combine to make ten. They color these 2 numbers and use them to quickly solve the addition. Tell them to think of the 10 and then add on the other number. 

Head to the bottom of this post for the download.

Find the Ten Activity Cards Math Center

In our TpT store, we offer a printable math center for this skill also. 

This packet will allow you to print and make an activity card set (40 cards) to help your students solve a 3 number addition problem, by first making/finding 'a ten'. 

Use the cards as 'write and wipe cards' or task cards by using the accompanying worksheet.

More ideas for teaching addition

Be sure to follow our Pinterest 'addition' pin board for more wonderful ideas for making addition fun. We pin every day and strive to deliver you creative and practical ideas.

Download our free worksheet from Google Drive HERE to use in your classroom.

Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for stopping by to learn more about our printables.