One Word for 2016

A fun activity for your students to try is to have them think of 

just one word 

that will define their 2016! 

Brainstorm some examples and talk about how one word can encompass a goal. 

Students can use the letters on this page and the bonus letters page to create their word. Copy some in bright colours for a different effect. We pasted ours to bright paper for a nice background. 

This printable is FREE in my TpT store as a little thank you for all your support through 2015. I am super excited about what 2016 will bring and cannot wait to share some of my adventures with you. 

If you need some more New Year fun, check out the newly refreshed photo booth props I have made in collaboration with my sweet friend Deanna Jump. Click on the picture below to find her store. 

And you will love all the gorgeous ideas for learning over at my friend Erica's blog! She has enough to keep you going in the classroom for a whole week at least, and its all prepped ready for you! 

Have a wonderful day my friends, and once again - thank you for stopping by!