Win a Snowman Freebie

Place Value Games

I have a fun worksheet game for you to download today!

Win a Snowman is a trading game that will help your students with place value and building numbers in sets of ten.

I am so passionate about students having ample play opportunities with 'tens blocks' (also called MAB blocks) - especially in the early years. They help lay a strong, solid understanding of our number system and how numbers are formed and represented. This then makes learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division a LOT easier.

How to play win a snowman

In this game, the shorts (or 'ones') are snowflakes. 
  • Students can roll one or two dice (find total of 2 to make it harder for your more-able students) and gather the same number of snowflakes. 
  • Put them in the ones column. Aim to build ten.
  • Trade ten shorts for a long (or, a 'ten') - which in this game, is called a snowball!
  • Once you have ten snowballs, you can trade for a snowman (a flat, or 'hundred'). 
Find the free printable in Google Drive HERE.

I have also added a tens game to my TpT store. Students will work on instantly recognizing arrangements of 'longs' or 'tens' and finding two digit numbers on their game board to match.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!