A Monster of a Day

I am having work done in my house.... work that involves a jackhammer or two, dust, more dust and the removal of some tragic 1970's gold peacock tiles. 

I've waited twelve long years to see the back of those peacocks. Tonight is a good night. Today.... today was challenging, but we got through it! 

In one little room, for six or so hours, Mr 3 and I got busy with games, Lego, books and craft. We made a monster. Well, I made a monster, he enjoyed directing me and snipping confetti like pieces of paper all. over. the. floor. Because, you see, I didn't have enough to clean up already. 

Here is how "we" did it!

A few sheets of paper, scissor and glue... 

1. We cut a monster shape.

2. We cut out a mouth and tummy space.

3. From another piece of paper, we traced the tummy shape and cut it out. 

4. We glue the tummy into the space. 

5. We snipped some shiny silver teeth. Mr 3 was good at this. 

6. We glued the teeth into position. 

7. We snipped some bumps for the monster's back. 

8. We glued the bumps on and cut out some big white eyes. 

9. We drew some black crayon eyeballs and found some sparkly jewels to decorate his back. 

10. Finished! 

I used him as inspiration for a new 'write and wipe' activity card printable. Your students will enjoy learning to count and draw with these cards. They need to identify the numeral and count and draw bumps onto the monster's back. 

Just click on the image below to find this printable in my TpT store. 

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! I am off to clean up some more dust. 

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