Fall Ten Frames

I love making and using write and wipe activities in the classroom.

For the uninitiated - write'n'wipe cards are like task cards, but students complete the learning task directly on the card and then wipe it away. 

Why do write'n'wipe? 

I will give you five reasons - fun, fun, fun, fun, fun. The end. 

Actually it's not the end. And I do have five good reasons why I will always use these activity cards in my class program. Here are 5:

1. The Ultimate in Interactivity
Write'n'Wipe cards truly are the original interactive activity in the classroom. Your students will love that they can work on activities and practice skills instantly on the stimulus cards. This brings their engagement to the forefront of the learning time. They do not need to wait for a game to load, paper to be distributed, pencils to be sharpened.... they just get right into their learning. Minimal distraction opportunities! 

2. Resourceful
Once you have invested a small amount of time into printing and laminating your cards, you will have them for many years. You can use them over and over again with the same students to make essential repeated practice not only fun, but economical. Once you set up a 'routine' for using Write and Wipe cards in your classroom, they become a practical and engaging activity for your students - a staple you can count on!

3. Engagement
My students have always loved to use markers. Write'n'Wipe cards create an opportunity for students to take a break from pencil and paper, or 'screen time'. Markers are wonderful for encouraging reluctant writers and they help boost confidence. Less pressure needs to be exerted with a marker, than a pencil, to achieve a good solid line and this will help struggling writers. 

4. Flexibility
Although most cards are designed to be written on, you can easily change the expectations for your students and classroom. Ask your students to use them as regular task cards. They can record the answer on a worksheet or in a journal without actually writing on the card with a marker. You can also use manipulatives such as tokens, counters, chips and matchsticks to record learning as opposed to pens. 

5.  Fun
Oooooo - is that OK to have in the classroom? Of course! We need to make learning fun for our students as much as we possibly can. Well designed Write and Wipe cards will add an element of fun to your class program, and students may even forget they are doing hard work! 

I have a big range of write and wipe activity cards in my TpT store, including several free packets

My new bundle of ten frame themed write and wipe cards are on sale for today. Students will gain practice in counting and representing numbers on ten and twenty frames. 

I have included Spider Frames, 

Bat Frames, 

Owl Frames, 

and Squirrel Frames in this set. 

In addition to using them with a dry erase marker, your students may like to roll balls of play dough to complete each activity card. 

Click on the image below to find the bundle listing in my store. 

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