100 Chart Activities for the Year!

At the beginning of October, I shared a 100 Chart Pumpkin game for small group math time. 
I had several requests for a seasonal bundle to last the whole year. 

Once you set your routine up, students will love completing these puzzles, and with lots of ways to differentiate, you can be assured that this activity will challenge you students right through the year. 

The first way to differentiate is to create sets of puzzle cards that can be used with any base. You can start the year by making these pieces large and simply-shaped. Think big rectangles and squares. As the year progresses, or to cater for more-able students, make challenging puzzle pieces in irregular shapes - these are harder to fit on the chart and will encourage your students to test their knowledge of place value. 

Keep these sets in different colours - it makes pack-away time easy and will help you get organized. 

Your students will re-build a cut-up 100 Chart

For each month, there are two versions - numbered and blank. Use them for this puzzle activity, or dozens of other math games using 100 Charts

Each month also has a worksheet to follow-up with. 

Early in the year, simply have your students match the numbered pieces to the numbered chart. They will become familiar with numeral identification, counting, number order and place value. This little chick is great for April. 

As your students become more confident, allow them to use the blank chart, but keep a numbered reference chart adjacent to assist with placement. 

Once students are very confident with counting, number order and 100 Charts, give them a blank chart to work with, with no reference.  This turkey is great for November!

Gifts for December. 

Sweet cupcakes for February. 

Apples for September. 

Happy sunshine for June. 

Sandcastle for July.

School bus for August. 

Snowman for January. 

Flowers for May. 

A pot of Gold for March. 

If you are in Australia, like me, you will most probably use any of these cards at any time of year. Our students are used to using a variety of themes all through the year, especially in small group math, where we care more about skill development than themes.  

Find the bundle of activities over in my TpT store HERE

Try the pumpkin 100 Chart Puzzle for FREE, HERE

Thank you so much for stopping by today to see my puzzles. I have started a 120 Chart bundle and hope to have it ready soon! 

- Mel x