Five For Friday - June 12 2015

Hi friends! Welcome to the weekend-end of the week! I am linking up with the very-sweet Kacey, over at Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

1. Make Ten Ice Creams!
I changed the worksheet in this packet to accommodate all the combinations. #notsurewhatIwasthinking when I made that one originally! If you have this game you may like to download the new update!

2. Walking in the winter sun

Does it get any better? Being able to exercise in bright beautiful sunshine, with minimal perspiration AND zero humidity. Hello winter!

3. The workspace

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I have a new workspace. Indeed, I HAVE a workspace now. After 3 years of moving around the house in various locations - mostly the dining room table, I have a space all of my own. There were many tears - mostly because this is the room that for the last 8 years of my life has housed my babies. It was very sad to think that I would not be tucking one into bed in here ever again, after doing it so many times. Packing up the nursery items for the very last time, was heartbreaking. Such beautiful amazing memories. Now its time to see my babies grow into 'big people' and I am looking ahead to more wonderful days. 

I printed out one of the quotes I made for my Blog Hoppin post and have it near my desk. I also finally got around to making a chart of time conversions for the USA/Australia and a list of things I want to try to get done each week. Sometimes, it only takes 10 years. We can't rush these things you know. Head over to Blog Hoppin if you would like the printable posters - they are FREE!

4. Sound It - Read It Posters

Sometimes as teachers we hold all the cards. Some students spend an entire year trying to guess what it is the teacher wants them to know, when really - their clever little minds can very quickly absorb new information and skills when they have control of it for themselves. These posters will help with those sort of students - and also help all students in working with words. 

These three posters present a huge range of all the 'decodable' words that might be presented in Kinder and First Grade. Why not let the students know that these are the words that you would like them to learn, right from the get go. Enlarge them, display them on your wall and some students, I guarantee you, will be able to read them all in no time. Save yourself 50,000 worksheets - they will just learn them! 

Clearly that is not the case for all students, but it is good to cater for a range of abilities. 

They also make great reference charts for students - especially when completing word work. They may need a picture reference for some of the words, and be able to locate the picture on the poster and read the word. 

Tip for the week - 'understand separate realities'. This chapter explores the notion that we all different. Fancy that. We all think differently, process differently and do things differently. It HAS to be that way. Once we think deeply about that concept and accept it, we can live more peacefully and accept things more readily. Love it! 

Have a great week everyone, and head over to Kacey's blog to find more randomness!