Vowel Sound Alternatives

My Sound Pals printable resource packet will help you teach the main long vowel sound and vowel digraph alternatives to your students.

Having a visual when you are teaching early-learners is so important. 

You will find that your students can understand concepts so much more efficiently when you can explain it with a visual accompaniment. As a result, the actual content you want to cover is made a LOT more accessible. They feel comfortable with it and can work with it more readily as they understand where it has come from and where it is sitting in the world. 

I just made that up - but from years of teaching K-2 with visuals as my main teaching strategy, I can say with confidence that it is true :)

In the photo above, you will see a poster with three kids standing close together, each with a sound on their shirt. From this, you can explain to the students that these children are all making the same sound. They all look different, but make the same sound. This is a concept that the students may need time to understand. They may even need you to explain it in many different ways over a whole teaching year. The content that you can teach - which is the identification of the actual letter-sound correspondences and words that feature these sounds is much easier for students with this background understanding. 

IN my packet I have included some worksheets for students to cut, sort and paste after they have done a hands-on sort with the posters and word cards. 

You can find Sound Pals in my TpT store for purchase! 

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