Classroom Art Tip - A Useful Scrap Bin

I have a simple but bright idea for youe - keep your scraps of coloured paper. 

Sounds easy enough doesn't it?!

The trick is, to turn it into a regular classroom procedure, so it doesn't become a big thing to worry about or another teacher-job! Or a mess to clean up. 

Take some time to explain and teach your sweeties this procedure and ask them to do this at the end of every art/craft session. 

Firstly, create a place for your scraps. A plastic tub works well. Label it so that students can recognise it and understand that it is a part of their classroom and routines. 


When students have scraps from paper craft or art projects, teach them to recognize the pieces that are worth saving. Anything that is too fine or narrow can be scrunched up and put in the recycle-bin. Show them the two piles - 'good pile' and rubbish (trash). 


Now, show them how to 'chip' their usable scraps. 

Paper chips are small square or rectangle pieces. The technique of cutting them will help with fine motor skills and using them up will help make gorgeous artworks! 

You can use paper chips as they are and attach them to an artwork as a flat piece - or students can roll, twist, fold or cut them.

 Once you have chipped the scraps, add them to your tub. 

Let the collection begin!


Now, when you have a spare creative minute or two, simply get the tub out and let your students loose with it! It also comes in handy when you are working on an artwork with your students and each student may need just a small piece of coloured paper to add detail or features to their work. 

Digging around in the tub and securing a particular piece of paper will also assist with fine motor skills. 

Having chips available will save wasting additional large sheets of new paper and encourage students to understand the value of recycling and reusing their scraps. 

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Have a great day, and thank you so much for stopping by!