Smiley Shark + A Pre Writing Freebie

Today, I want to show you 'Smiley Shark' by Ruth Galloway.

It is perfect for the beginning of the school year, or at any time throughout, when you need to talk to your students about friends and friendship, differences in people and how to get along with people.

It tells of a variety of sea creatures who do NOT want to befriend Smiley Shark. They are frightened of his big toothy white grin and don't give him a chance at all.

Until they get caught up in a fishing net

And our toothy friend, comes to the rescue!

Suddenly, Smiley Shark's differences, don't seem that bad after all!

This book is PREFECT for so many discussions on the social side of classrooms - and giving people time and an opportunity. I love it!

I have made a pre-writing worksheet that you could also use at the beginning of the school year, and it would be great to do after a reading of this book!

It is available in our FREE coloring club tracing library - find out how to join HERE

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