School Themed Readers

I am just stopping in quickly today to let you about 3 titles in our 'Readers Ultimate Collection".

They are perfect for the beginning of school. 

The reader "School" has only one word per page. You can use this title to familiarise your students with book and reading conventions. 

The reader "In Our Classroom" will help you reinforce some simple classroom rules, and coordinates perfectly with my 'Simple Classroom Rules' resource.

And the reader "My Teacher" will introduce your students to the idea of different teachers and you may even get a giggle out of them with this one!

All of the readers have a cut-and-paste component. The pictures are easy to cut, and students will have to attend to the print on each page to decide which picture will suit the text!

Back to School Name Activities

Name activities are great fun for back-to-school -here is a low prep one that is always lots of fun for students. A letters-in-your-name search worksheet. Students find and color all the letters from their name on the page.

Find it in Google Drive HERE