Show Us What You Bought!

The HUGE back-to-school sale is on over at TeacherspayTeachers! It is such a wonderful couple of days! 

Not only do I snapple up some wonderful resources to help me implement fun and exciting lessons for my students, but it is also a great time to connect with fellow teacher-sellers and share in the excitement and 'buzz' of it all!

I am linking up with the girls art Blog Hoppin to show you SOME of what I have purchased 'so far'! 

Oh yeah, I don't think I am done quite just yet!

Take a look at this loot! I have already started getting them printed out and laminated! Please find links to all of these little beauties, at the bottom of this post!

Many of my purchases were for 'games, centres and activities'. Part of my role at school is to help out with planning and resourcing number games and activities for small groups. I have a HUGE variety already in my teaching resource collection. But I have to say, 'printable games' are my thing, both in the classroom and in resource design, so I can NEVER have enough. Never ever. Not-in-a-million years-ever.

 Mrs Lemons has a new packet full of addition and subtraction stations

This is one of my favourites and will  help students finding two totals to make a number. I love the visual aspect of it, that they can see the two numbers combining to fit the total!

Another addition game, this time from the packet called "Games Galore" by Jodie Southard. I love that this packet is filled with games that are very easy to prep. 

These yummy activities are from Doodle Bugs. Her activities are brilliant and I just adore her style!

The ice creams scoops are sorted as students solve addition

And the popsicle numbers are ordered from least to greatest!

I also love this 'Alphabet Punch Sheet' packet! The pages can be used with a hand hole puncher to assist fine motor strength. I am also going to use a laminated set as a 'write-n-wipe' set!

From First Grade Blue Skies, I purchased some awesome Pattern Block Activities! I saw them on Facebook and knew I just HAD to have them! What a fun way of combining literacy and math! 

I have some 'magnetic pattern blocks' and am going to use them in conjunction with the equipment in that set! 

I just know my students will LOVE them and be thankful for a new way to learn sight words!
I am also heading 'back in' to grab some of her adorable craftivities - they are just gorgeous!

This digraph concentration game is just a small part of Babbling Abbey's 'Center in a Minute' packet! This bundle is packed full of activities that are simple to prepare and focus on essential basic skills! LOVE!

From the 'no prep' packet by Mrs Poultney, I was thrilled to find some activities that are just perfect for a few of the boys I currently teach. They are in need of some word based work to get them attending to the different letter combinations that make up long vowel sounds in words. 

This is just one worksheet in the packet, that they can complete. I am also going to turn it into a 'hand-on' activity for our reading groups. 

I printed 2 copies and laminated them. I then cut out the words and will ask the students to simply match the words to the words on the page. 

From there, they will play with a partner, to take turns, taking a word and sorting it into the correct column. As they sort the words, they can suggest a sentence that includes the word they have used.

Ok, so there you have it, some of my purchases. If I have time, I will post again about more of them over the next week or so! I am so proud to be involved in this teacher blog-osphere and TpT community - the activities and resources available are simply amazing!

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