10 Chicks

Here is a fun math center or small-group game to play with your students. It will help them become familiar with using a ten frame and get them practising addition and subtraction. All you need is an egg carton, fluffy spring chicks, and a copy of the worksheet. Students will also need a paper clip and pencil to 'spin' on the worksheet.

The egg carton becomes a ten frame by cutting two sections off. I painted my egg carton green to make a garden! Start with 5 chicks in the ten frame to commence the game.

Your students will spin and identify the instruction they need to carry out - either +1, +2, +3 or -1, -or -3.

Students then model this using the chicks in their garden (ten frame).

Students can record their adding and subtracting on their worksheet. If a student gets to exactly 10 chicks, they may be declared the winner!

You can download the worksheet from Google Drive by clicking on the image below:

If you need more Ten Frame Activities, look no further than my "Ton of Tens" resource pack. I just updated it! It now includes 180 (up from 100) game combinations.

There are 15 ten frame 'themes' that you can combine with 12 different games to get your students learning and loving ten frames!

For example, combine the garden cards with the "Make It" game to create a game for your students called "Make Ten Gardens" - or combine it with the "Snap Snap" cards to have a game of "Make it Snap Snap"! Use seasonal and theme based tokens and counters to make the game more exciting for your students also!

Click on the image below to find 'Ton'o'Tens' in my TpT store!

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