Show Me the Alphabet!

Hi friends! I just listed my 600th resource on TpT and its FREE! Don't even begin to ask me how the '600' happened... as I don't quite know myself. 

This freebie is part of a larger packet called "Show Me the Alphabet".

You can download the freebie and get a feel for the resource. It will help you introduce letters of the alphabet to your students and it takes a similar format to many of my other booklets, where students can complete a page per day for the week. 

On the first page, students finger trace and colour the letter and pictures.

On the next day, students can trace the lower case letter on two lines and colour the pictures. There is a new 'letter a' picture on each page. 

On the next page, students track then trace letter a in lower and upper case, before cutting and pasting the letter tiles into position. 

Students draw a picture of something starting with a on the 'draw' page!

And finish by writing an a on each apple on the final page. 

Grab this FREE 'Show Me a" file at TpT, by clicking on the image below.

If you would like the whole set of Alphabet books, the growing file is on SALE for the next 24 hours - find it by clicking on the image below!

Thanks so much for stopping by and helping me to celebrate 600!