Organizing Games and Resources

I got more organised today! Well I 'prettied up' my games cupboard! And that will help me stay more organised!
I had a goal to have all my printable games and resources for teaching printed, laminated and sorted before the end of my maternity leave. I have readjusted that goal, and made it 'by the end of my PART TIME maternity leave. That should give me a few years! I was shocked to find  6219 files on my computer. Granted, many are old and need to be deleted. But ... what. a. job.!
This is just one cupboard. I have 3 so far. Here is how it looked before...
And here she is now. So pretty! Ok, the colours will bug me a little until I make them consistent, but this is a work-in-progress. I have only done Mathematics so far, and am headed to my English resources later this week or next.
I love these boxes, as after years of trying many different methods, this has been the easiest. Often I just leave the lids off, so I can quickly access the contents. I like that the boxes are large enough to hold quite a few laminated resource packets, but small enough that I do not struggle to lift and manoeuvre them - to the classroom and around the classroom. They are very portable, with a carry handle on the top. These babies stay at home with me, the boxes and contents are 100% paid by me, and lets face it, I would never have this much storage in my classroom.
Inside each box, I have my resources, activities and games ready in individual pouches. Sometimes, my resources will cover 2 categories. I make a judgement call on which box to keep it in, and stick a post-it on the inside of the other box to remind myself that I have another resource ready in another location.
If you would like to make some box labels like these, you can download the ones I made HERE for free! They are for your personal use only and may not be re-distributed. If you know someone else that would like them, please send them here to my blog.
If you need different words/categories on your labels, shoot me a message, I will try to find some time to add more to the collection.
I will post again after I do my English and Classroom Management boxes!
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