Flower Fun

I have spent many hours outside in the sunshine over the last week with my little ones and new puppy. Many hours. Quite a few of my recent projects are reflecting the 'garden' setting of my days.

My daughter and I took shelter from the sun after lunch and took part in some paper craft. We created this garden picture with coloured papers, glue , patty cases (cupcake liners), tissue paper and crepe paper.

As well as the standard paper craft techniques of folding, cutting and pasting - we did some fringing for the grass and twisting for the butterflies.

My daughter enjoyed writing labels for the different features in the garden after counting each item.

We found and read some garden themed books from our bookshelves. This one is a favourite - Amelia Ellicott's Garden. We talked about how great it is to enjoy our backyards and gardens with our friends.

We played a little flower game. We started with stems and had to make a "Ten Petal" flower with plastic counters.

We rolled 2 dice, added the numbers and placed the same number of counters as petals, on the flower. The idea being to keep building sets of ten and then counting them up all together at the end of the game. We reached 40 petals and talked about how 4 flowers of 10 petals made 40!

And because we were talking about tens, we took the opportunity to do some fast ten frame work! This was my daughter's favourite. She loved it!

I quickly flashed a ten frame at her, holding it for around 5 seconds. I asked her to try to memorise the pattern and replicate it in her little booklet.

I gave her a few tips to get her started - reminding her that there is five squares on top and five on the bottom. Look for a filled line and know that it is five - add any extras onto the five. If the frame is quite full, look for the empty spaces. After a few cards, she was zipping through them.

I plan to do this activity with her a few times this week, to really cement those images in her mind!

The cards and book came from my new product "Fast Ten Frames", which is at TpT HERE

If you would like to play our "Make a Ten Petal Flower" game, click on the image below to find the Print & Play game boards in google drive for FREE!

Thanks so much for stopping by!