Font Therapy - Letterbox Fonts

I just made these fonts to help teachers make worksheets and resources with 'letterboxes' - so students can write a letter in each box. See them at TpT HERE

I am really supposed to be thinking about how I relax for Therapeutic Thursday at the Blog Hoppin linky... but I just keep finding things to do... toys to pick up... benches to wipe down....dinners to cook... and fonts to make.

I don't think for a second that many of you do not relate. I have a minuscule amount of time to relax. And perhaps this little linky party has caused me to really think about how I spend my time.

Currently for me, my relaxation time is the wonderful moments I sit down to either feed or play with my baby. And finishing a cup of hot tea is like H-E-A-V-E-N! I love it! At the end of the day, I walk through the house gathering my half drunk cups of tea... like little lost possible dreams I had for the day.

With my first born, I have to admit, I came to loathe sitting at home so much and always felt somewhere deep down, that I was being idle. Baby #2 has been a true blessing. It has made me stop and enjoy the tiny, simple, sometimes short, but truly wonderful moments much much more. Baby Sam sat up on his own for the first time this week. Each day he is sitting for longer and more independently. I caught the first time he sat unaided on my video camera. He is just so beautiful, so content and he often has the beautiful calm yet determined look across his face that I see in his daddy all the time. In a few years time when he watches it for himself,  I hope I can explain the quiet sobbing in the background of his very proud mumma.... for I sat on the floor, recording his new found independence and was just a tiny little bit sad that he is not my tiny little newborn anymore. They lasted only for a moment, and I quickly brushed them aside and found joy in the wonderful things we are learning together as he grows and becomes a beautiful little person.

And moments like this one, for the time being, are 'therapy' enough for me.