Spider Cards and Some Free Spider Frames

I have had spiders and webs on my mind - I just listed this new packet in my TpT store and it was a whole lot of fun to make! I started making it as something for my daughter to use, but it quickly turned into a From the Pond file! It is great for students that already have a good understanding of how to read and write cvc words, but need to be challenged some more. There is no picture clue to help with the word and the letters are jumbled in the web or leaf.

First, we printed and laminated all the cards. I cut, laminated and cut again - giving a complete sealed edge around each card. I rounded off the corners so they were not sharp.

Students have to look at the three letters in the web, and determine the word 'spider' is trying to make in the letter boxes.

Once laminated, your students can write, using a dry erase marker, the word on each card.

Students will have to attend to the print and look at the shape and size of each letter to give them clues.

Once each card is complete, your students can 'wipe' the word away ready for another student to use the card.

Or, if only one student is using the set, they can write all the words before wiping clean.

After my daughter completed all the cards, we talked about rhyming words as well!

In the classroom, I would keep all the cards together (with the cover page from the file) in a clear plastic document wallet.

I would also laminate a 'master' copy of the worksheet and keep it with the cards.

I've included a few cut-n-paste worksheets for a follow up activity.

I love using Write n Wipe cards with children just learning to read and write


1. They LOVE them and so LOVE engaging in the activity
2. Markers are great for students learning to write as little pressure has to exerted with the pen to achieve a good clear line, and they can focus on other things, like letter formation and spelling
3. They provide a simple, fuss free centre of small group activity
4. They are perfectly child-sized
5. They are inexpensive to make and last a long time
6. You can turn just about any 'worksheet' into a write'n'wipe - I love using worksheets that we have done before, the students LOVE to revise and consolidate something they have done before

We created a companion set of worksheets in our 'fix the mix' style. 

These worksheets are the perfect first step to help your students learn to read and write cvc words. Students have to segment the phonemes in the cvc words to complete the page. 

Each of the 20 worksheets features 4 different cvc words. Students will cut out three 'mixed up' letters and manoeuvre them into different positions, sounding-out the word as they attempt to make it

Find them at TpT HERE

Thanks so much for stopping by t o learn more about our printables.