Dress Up Your Store

Technology tip Tuesday got me started by showing you how to use Paint to make your own store banner.  

I have taken things a step further by making some backgrounds to help you make a basic banner for your TeacherspayTeachers store.

Banners make your store look attractive and appealing and you can add new one to advertise special sales and feature products.

There are many ways to do this, but my tutorial will primarily help people that have never attempted something like this before or with very limited skills in the area of design on the computer, so I have chosen MS Paint, as most people will have this on their computer. You may have some more advanced programs that will allow you to do some fancy effects.

I am on PC, so I apologise if you are on MAC. But you MAC users always seem to know what you are doing anyhow!

1. First download this set from TpT. It is free! It includes some basic background. Plain color + a dashed edge design.
Here is what the dashed edge looks like...

Or this chevron pack is just $2.

2. You will download a ZIPPED folder from TpT. Save it first to a folder on your computer. Remember where you saved it!
You need to extract all the individual files, by unzipping the folder.

3. Once unzipped, you will see a list of files in the new folder that is created (your zipped folder will remain on your computer, and the unzipped one will be additional).

4. So that you can see what they look like, rather than a list of file names, click on Medium or Large Icons on your View Options (this is a drop down menu on the top right of my screen - I am on a PC). It just changes the way you view your files. The files will remain intact and not change.

5. You will now be able to see the files as icons, and choose the one you would like for your store.

6. Before you start making your banner you need to make a NEW copy of the banner file. This way, if you make any errors, you will always have the original file preserved and you can start again. Or if you want to make a new banner in the future, you can start fresh with the original file.

To make the new copy, right click on the banner of your choice, select copy.

7. Click anywhere on your screen on this page, and right click again. Click Paste.

8. You should now see an new copy of the file you chose. It will have -Copy written after the file name.

9. Right click on this file, and click on Rename.

10. Type in the field that appears to give the file a new name, e.g MyStoreBanner

11. Now the exciting bit begins! Right click on this newly named file. Go to 'Open With' and then select PAINT.

12. The Paint program will open and you will see the banner. You are now about to start making changes to the .png file you downloaded from me. You are working on the actual .png file. Do not change the banner size, the dimensions are exactly what is needed to upload to TpT. You can add text or graphics to the inside of the bordered edge.

14. Select the Text tool (capital A) to add text to your banner.

15. Select a colour from the colour panel, a font type from the fonts display. Click and drag from where you want your text, to form a text box. Then type away.

Be sure to select a font that you have a commercial licence to use. For example, if you want to use a Kevin and Amanda font, they sell a commercial licence as well. You won't be able to give the credit they require to use their 'free' fonts, on your store button/banner - it just won't fit!

16. SAVE the changes you have made to the .png banner file.

12. Now its time to upload it to your TeacherspayTeachers store. Go to your Dashboard. Select DRESS UP YOUR STORE.

13. Click on BROWSE and locate your saved banner from the folder you saved it to. Here you can see the one that is already loaded in my store.

Enter a link. The banner is clickable. This means that when a buyer clicks on it, it needs to have a web address embedded in the picture to take the buyer to. TpT has a rule that this MUST be a page on the TpT website (rightfully so!).

Choose either the home page of your store, or one of your favourite products. Copy and paste the URL (of the page of your choice) from your web browser and into this space.

It will take a day or so to get approval for you banner, so you will not see it straight away.

I hope that may have helped you create your own banner... or other wonderful creations with PAINT!

Please note that my new 'Dress Up Your Store' packs include files to create sidebar buttons for your TpT store, in matching patterns and colours. You can create this in the exact same way as your button with PAINT.
This post has been part of Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin. Hop over there to take a look at the other great technology posts!

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