Missing Addend in 3 Number Addition

Christmas Addition Game

Tree Addition is a printable math puzzle game in our TPT store and will help your children with a range of essential math skills. They need to find the missing dots on each tree to make the number on the trunk.

You can support your students at different levels by changing your expectations. 
  • kindergarten students could rely on counting the dots and drawing more to find the missing number
  • first grade learners may be encouraged to find the total of the 2 branches before counting forward to find the missing number
  • second grade learners may be encouraged to rely on mental strategies to find the missing addend using their fluent knowledge of addition and subtraction facts
Christmas Addition Game

Find the missing addend addition

To support learners at all stages, have them work on a whiteboard or table with a dry-erase circle so they can write down some of their thinking with a pen as they go. 

3 Number Addition

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