Apples and Peas

In the coloring club library this week I added 2 pea themed pages and I wanted to share with you some foundations for handwriting that you can reinforces while your learners are completing them. 

The draw more peas page encourages drawing using the 'jump' handwriting movement, the pencil moving up and over. This will be needed for letters like n, m, p and h. 

draw more peas

A 'dive' pattern movement can be encouraged with the tracing waves page. The pencil tip moved down and up, down and up, down and up (you may like to say that as your students trace). This will support the strokes in writing letters like u, w and y. 

On the pea pod your learners can draw horizontal lines - left to right and trace over the peas with a jump pattern line. 

draw more waves

If you missed it on my Instagram story, I have created a new action rhyme finger play for your learners with a pea theme. It has some mathematical concepts embedded in it too. It's free over at TPT if you'd like it!

Paper craft techniques also support handwriting skills too. Have your learners zigzag (concertina) fold a piece of yellow paper to be the center of the apple craft, also in the coloring club this week! It has 4 nice simple shapes to cut and color too. 

apple core craft

apple core craft

You can add googly eyes for fun!

apple core craft

Don't forget our FREE animated story Look and Listen Little Apple - perfect for the beginning of the school year to explore making friends and turn taking.