Rainbow Classroom Decor

Our pretty Rainbow Door Display pack can be used to create a lovely welcome to your classroom learning space. You can type or write your student names on one of the 3 included size options and create a unique message with the 4 one page options included. 

rainbow classroom labels

I also encourage you to find other ways to use the rainbow labels in your classroom!

Here are just a few:

Positive Message Door

  • instead of display student names on your rainbows, type or write positive words of encouragement so your students are showered with positivity before they enter for the day
rainbow classroom door decor

Book Covers

Use the rainbow labels to make book covers and labels on students workbooks, folders or packets. You can even add one to your teacher planner or assessment book.

rainbow book labels for school

Container Labels and Organizing Supplies

Use the rainbows for labelling equipment and supplies. They can be attached with sticky paper, clear adhesive or something simple like a clip!
rainbow supply labels
Find our pretty rainbow door display along with other sets in our series, over on the website. 

And speaking of rainbows, we added a 'red rainbow' version of the classroom template set to our collection today too.